Our Business and Economics students had another amazing learning opportunity on Tuesday with a visit from CommSec’s Senior Manager of Media and Content, Juliana Roadley.

Juliana, a regular face on SkyNews and the ABC, flew in from Sydney to present CommSec’s Economic Update, a rare opportunity for our students and something that’s only ever happened at one other secondary school in the country.

Her report covered a wide range of economic data, from global influences – including US and European politics – to the recent Australian budget and forecasts for our own economy. She even included an explanation of common jargon related to the market, equipping students with the knowledge and language they need to discuss world and local economics with confidence.

Juliana spoke about her own educational pathway to CommSec which included a stint as a chef, and a degree in geology, before taking on various roles at CommSec from the trading desk to media and content.

“Don’t let your VCE results define what you want to do,” she said. “There are always many pathways to get to where you want to be, and you’ll learn from everything you do. Most of you will work in a wide variety of jobs over your career.”

Students also heard from CommSec Marketing Manager, Daniel Corcocan, and Personal Lender, Callan Stephen, a former BSSC student.