For Year 12 student, Eleanor Holm, the Standen Bursary couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

“The money arrived in my account the day the schools were shut down because of COVID-19,” Eleanor says. “The shops were about to close, so I went to Arthouse straight after school to get the materials I needed to work at home.”

The Standen Bursary honours much-admired art teacher, Margaret Standen, whose untimely death in 2017 was a tragic loss, not only for her family, but for the many staff and students who were inspired by her. Her husband, Peter, generously established the bursary in her honour, and all Year 12 students studying Studio Arts or Art General at BSSC are eligible to apply.

“If it wasn’t for the bursary, I wouldn’t have had access to the materials I needed and would have fallen behind,” Eleanor says. “Instead, I was able to continue my folios for Art General and Studio Art during the lockdown.

“I’m also looking forward to florists reopening so that I can purchase fresh flowers to dry for my Studio Art folio. I am so thankful to Peter Standen for this bursary… it’s really helped me to stay on track.”

Eleanor is looking forward to returning to school later this month and getting back into the BSSC art studios.

While remote learning has had many challenges, there have also been some memorable lighter moments.

“Each Friday, during our Google Meet for Art General, we’ve had a hat day, where everyone comes online wearing interesting hats,” Eleanor says. “So far I’ve worn a BMX helmet, a welding helmet and a safety helmet. I think these are the things we’ll all remember about being in isolation in years to come.

“I’m really looking forward to being back in the classroom and able to talk to my friends.”