BSSC Year 11 Economics students were once more meeting challenges head-on in their latest ‘Partner a Class’ workshop. Teacher, Prue Winter, said that their confidence and willingness to jump into the activities had developed incredibly since the program began.

“Their interactions with each other have also been greatly enhanced,” she said. “They realise this is a terrific opportunity and really look forward to it.

Andrew Roberts and Adam Rose are ‘Partner a Class’ coordinators and Andrew echoed Prue’s sentiments. “The last event was held at the Bendigo Bank’s Boardroom,” he explained, “and students—in groups—had to bring a formal presentation to senior bank staff.”

“That particular exercise gave students the chance to realise how essential is it to be well prepared and to practice skills that can really improve their capacity to communicate,” said Andrew.

“It was really special to see how much effort some had made. And any who hadn’t—well they had to endure the appropriate feedback, which is also very valuable!”

Today’s challenge was also about communication, with students conveying verbal descriptions about a model they could not see, to another group who had to construct what they interpreted from the ‘runner’.

“While these students will all have different destinations, we hope we are giving plenty of opportunities for them to discover and play to their strengths,” Andrew said.

So, amidst the hilarity some really vital skills were being honed.

Congratulations to everyone.