BSSC’s efforts to build appreciation and respect for difference within our college community was given a great boost today with the training of around 30 new Inclusion Ambassadors.

Students were given the opportunity to understand exactly what constitutes intolerance and harassment and taught skills for appropriate, respectful intervention in situations where they see discrimination occurring.

Qiaochu, one of our international students, said she found the training improved her capacity to approach people who she initially perceived as different.

“It’s about how you can be kinder. And this training is also full of good advice about how to make new friends.”

Junxiao, also an international student, said the program was important and explained that he had LGBTI friends back in China who feel very misunderstood.

Travis is planning a career working in classrooms to assist individual students (Education Support Staff) and believes learning about inclusivity will be very valuable.

“The most important thing I learnt,” said Tabitha, “is that if there is a situation where you need guidance, go and get the help that you, and those involved in the situation, need.”

Ele, who is an exchange student from Uruguay, believes inclusion training is very important.

“I was very lonely on my first day at BSSC and it’s really important for teachers to allocate someone to help new students find their way.”