A special morning tea was held in the Language Centre on Monday morning to welcome 12 exchange students and their teacher Bettina Haferkamp who arrived from Germany last Saturday.

The students, from Nellenburg Gymnasium in Stockach and Friedrich Hecker Gymnasium in Radolfze, will spend the next six weeks with us at BSSC, experiencing a range of classroom and other activities.

Also arriving on Monday from France and Spain were Leonie and Ari who will be with us for the next 10 months.

BSSC’s International Program is currently welcoming 14 new Chinese students, some of whom have already arrived, to commence their studies at BSSC.

All of these students are adapting to a new language and learning about the Australian way of life.  Please say hi, make them welcome in your classes, and ensure they have a great time here at BSSC.