Recently Assistant Principal, Linda Lyons, and Julia Featherstone visited China to cement arrangements for the college’s delivery of VCE into Chinese schools from September in 2016.

Their busy schedule included visits to six cities and attendance at the VCE in China and Confucius Institute Conferences in Shanghai. Meetings were also held with families of some of our International Fee Paying and prospective students.

Linda and Julia spoke to agents and presented seminars to interested parents and students to promote our onshore, offshore and study tour programs and they also met with our sister schools to discuss future opportunities for cooperation.

In Haimen prospective staff for our VCE in China project were interviewed. The English/Chinese teacher will come to Bendigo for immersion from April 2016 with the other teaching staff coming for a 3-4 week professional development program in July/August.

Trips back to China in 2016 will include visits in: March for enrolment marketing and the official signing of our VCE agreement; June to interview student applicants for the program; September for the program launch and December for our first VCE in China conference with our mentor and Chinese teachers.

BSSC is also keen to establish our international program in the Suzhou area to build on the strong connections formed through the primary sister school connections which sees 50 Grade 5/6 children come to Bendigo annually for 8 weeks immersion.