Year 11 Economics students had an exciting preview of the year ahead when the CBA Partner a Class program kicked off for 2018.

Director of Market Positioning and Engagement at Comm Bank, Andrew Roberts, reminded students that they are among just 70 participants Australia-wide to undertake the program this year and highlighted what an incredible opportunity it was to build their strengths and step into the world of finance.

“We’re here to work with you and help you, but also to take you to the edge of your comfort zone,” he said. “In the course of the year you’ll have access to leaders in the world of finance and marketing, give presentations to Comm Bank staff… and learn to recognise your own strengths to build a great resume.

“Partner a Class participants have won jobs because of what they’ve learnt in the program, particularly the ability to pitch an idea.”

The students leapt straight into the program with a group exercise run by Andrew and CommBank Analyst Adam Rose.

Students worked in groups of five to “build an empire”—a structure built from drinking straws, spaghetti, string, sticky tape, and foil—each with a specific market value.

Each group chose a CEO and a financial controller and had 15 minutes to construct a building that was then judged on height, cost, and the group’s final pitch. It was the perfect metaphor for the importance of a strong foundation.

The students will complete their first assignment in three weeks’ time—a five-minute group presentation in Bendigo’s CommBank boardroom.