On Tuesday, a group of 70 Year 9 to 12 students from Bendigo South East College, Weeroona College, Crusoe College, and Bendigo Senior Secondary College embarked on a memorable excursion to Box Hill in Melbourne.

The excursion aimed to further develop our students’ understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Dunhuang Art Academy, a premier Chinese music and art education centre located in Box Hill.

Here, students were immersed in Chinese cultural traditions, participating in calligraphy, Chinese musical instrument, and traditional dance activities.

The skills and understanding acquired during these activities offered a unique window into Chinese art and culture, promoting linguistic and cultural appreciation among our students.

In addition, the students had a thrilling time at Box Hill Central, participating in an Amazing Race activity.

This was not only a fun-filled event but also a great exercise for developing teamwork and problem-solving abilities, underscoring the value of collaboration and strategic thinking in real-world scenarios.

We are confident that our students have come away from this excursion with broadened perspectives, enhanced cultural understanding, and an enriched learning experience.

Their language skills have also been positively impacted, and we anticipate that the trip will fuel increased interest in furthering their study and appreciation of Chinese culture.