The BSSC ANZAC Cermony is a significant event on the college calendar—a time for all students and staff, along with members of the RSL, Alumni and the wider community to come together and acknowledge all Australians and New Zealanders who served in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations and remember the contribution they made and the suffering they endured.

This year’s ceremony will be on Wednesday 21 April in the Ulumbarra Theatre. This is the first Wednesday of Term 2.

There is an altered timetable for the day as follows:


Unit 1 classes will remain in their classrooms to watch a live stream of the ceremony

Unit 3 classes will move with their teacher to Ulumbarra Theatre at 11.55am

Year 12 students with a study period, please go to Ulumbarra Theatre at 11.55am

Year 11 students with a study period, please go to James King Hall at 11.55am

To save congestion and enable prompt assembly of students, we would like all classes leaving their respective buildings to follow these directions:

  • “D”, “E”, “G” and Language Centre students to enter via the old gaol gates entrance
  • “C”, Multimedia , JKH, TTC and “B” enter via the canteen doors

No bags, food or drink will be allowed in the theatre so please leave your bags in your lockers or classrooms.

All mobile phones need to be switched off and hats may not be worn in respect to the diggers.

Please fill all seats at the front areas of the theatre, to allow seating for all students. Ensure that you move along to the middle seats at both ends to ensure that every seat is used. Student Leadership Team members will be directing you into seats.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, you will be invited to take part in the walk up the college memorial  steps—a decades-old tradition at BSSC. We are looking forward to celebrating this historic event as a college community.

Lest we forget.