On Tuesday evening Bendigo Senior Secondary College Council gathered for their first meeting of the year. Seven new members were welcomed, and parent representative Phil Peterson accepted the role of President. Key areas of focus this year will be around our revised (2017-2018) Strategic Plan and Master planning progress with the works in the Alexander Wing.

Alongside the numerous skills and qualities these participants bring to the Council, that most-vital ingredient—enthusiasm—is in generous supply promising that this will be a positive year for the Council.

Office bearers and representative are listed below. Just one Council vacancy, for a community representative, remains.

Linda Lyons                         Executive Officer – Acting Principal
Phil Peterson                     President – Parent Member
Ann-Marie Roberts          Vice President – Parent Member
Meredith Fettling             Treasurer – DET Member
Kendall O’Sullivan            DET Member (new)
Tim White                           DET Member (new)
Cara Ryan                            Parent Member (new)
Bruce Farnell                      Parent Member (new)
Jencie McRobert               Parent Member (new)
Damien Tangey                 Parent Member (new)
Vacant                                  Community Co-opted Member
Bill Peterson                      Community Co-opted Member
Ryan Peterson                   Community Student Member
Billie Taylor                         Community Student Member (new)
Jo Peterson                        Minute Secretary