Did you know that it’s believed a lot of students study using the wrong approach?

A psychologist who studies learning and memory offers the following PROVEN tips for getting that stuff you put into your brain in class, back out for an exam. And he explains WHY these tips work.

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THE PROBLEM is that we are often drawn to—or believe in—forms of study that feel ‘comfortable’ but experts have now realised some of these are not very effective.

For a start, RECALL and RECOGNITION are not the same thing.

You might read something and have that feeling, ‘yeah, that’s right, I remember that’. But unless you can put the books away and actually access the information without needing some prompt in front of you, all you are doing is practising recognition—and for an exam you need recall.

EFFORT, NOT FLOW is the way to go.

Students often fall in to the trap of ‘going over’ stuff they already know—it feels good to keep reassuring yourself about how much you DO know—that some things really are cemented into your brain. But if you’re preparing for exams you’re actually better to be working out the uncomfortable truth about what you DON’T know. How do you do this?

OUTPUT NOT INPUT will get you the best outcomes.

There’s a reason there are so many practise exams out there. They are a brilliant way to study. Rather than waiting till you feel you’re ready—dive in! Have a go AND discover the glaring holes in your knowledge. Then focus on them.

One final comment.

If you enjoy studying, it’s possible that your enjoyment is a sign you’re actually not being as effective as you could. Study is actually is not meant to make you keep feeling yes yes yes!

You’re looking for gaps you can hone in on like an eagle out to catch its prey!!

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