Study ✔  Sleep ✔ No Partying ✔ Eat healthy food ✔ Make up an exam pack in a zip lock bag so there are no last minute panic sessions over ID or pencil sharpeners ✔

Yep, all part of being organised for your exams.

But there is one more critical ingredient that scientists are realising is much more important than we ever knew: exercise.

Not only is exercise increasingly being promoted as a vital ingredient for regaining and maintaining mental wellbeing, it’s also a kind of secret ingredient to get your brain into it sharpest condition for both learning and retrieving information.

Your brain gets flooded with feel-good, clarity-enriching, attention-span-improving-natural-high chemicals every time you exert yourself.

And remember, you don’t need to have a gym membership or run a marathon. Fast walking, swimming, a kick of the footy or soccer ball or bike ride all count. So does dancing and skipping.

The message is: get moving to maximize your chances of good exam results ✔

And should you have the time—here’s some evidence: