Year 12 student Grace Fahy is a member of the Victorian Ten-Pin Bowling squad that recently won the Presidents Junior Interstate Shield held at Zone Bowling in Frankston. Grace also came first overall in the girls division.

Another BSSC student, Nikaylah Spofforth, who competed at the same event, won the Australian Junior Girls title.

It was probably a done deal that Grace Fahy would become an excellent ten-pin bowler. Her parents competed locally and Grace won her first competition at just two years of age! Back then she used the ramp to launch the ball—and bumpers stopped the dreaded ‘gutter’ shots. But these days Grace owns seven 15lb balls, represents Australia, and is trying to decide if she will take up an offer from a university college in the USA who would love to have her on their bowling team.

“When I was younger I also did dance, but gave it up because I was a better bowler—and I had just been selected for the Victorian team,” Grace said. “Actually I am pretty hopeless at a lot of sports and can’t catch a ball… but when it comes to bowling things are very different.”

Later this year Grace will represent Australia at the Asian Schools competition in Singapore and the MILO International Junior All-Stars in Malaysia.

“My sport does impact on my school work, but my teachers have helped me to catch up,” she said. “It also affects my social life, but most of friends are bowlers anyway.”

Long term, Grace wants to be a professional ten-pin bowler.

“I’d love to make a career out of this, but I will have to move the US where the big money is. A bowler on the US circuit recently won $1 million.”

Good luck Grace!!