VCAL students have used a bike renovation program to enhance a raft of skills—teamwork, communication, work-hazard awareness—as well as practical application of literacy and numeracy. As an added bonus, by participating in this program these students have also helped those in the community who need a bike but cannot afford one.

On Wednesday the students took ten of the bikes down to Freewheeling Fun—the community group who will complete any extra work and pass the bikes on.

According to Richard from Freewheeling Fun, “Most of these bikes end up with people such as refugees, who cannot afford a bike or car but need one to get to work.”

VCAL student, Deklin, who aspires to be either an electrician or a chef, said the bike program had been “really good fun” and suited his enjoyment of hands-on work. “It’s also good to help others out,” he said.