Each year BSSC has a week dedicated to celebrating the diverse cultures, communities and languages, that help make the college such a vibrant place.

Cultural Diversity Week is a chance to realise we all have so much more in common than we might have thought… and the things that ARE different, are wonderful and interesting.

Some of the cultures represented this year include Indigenous Australia, Chinese, Afghan, Karen, Indonesian, German, French, Indonesian… and many more. There are also specific communities such as those who identify as LGBTI.

On Tuesday 120 primary school students will be treated to a cultural immersion experience in our Language Centre, hosted by our EAL VCAL, Chinese, and Indigenous students. It’s a packed program with games, art activities, song, dance, history and language challenges.

At lunchtime on Wednesday, the fun really begins for BSSC students with a focus on languages, dance, international foods and other activities, also in the Language Centre.

On Thursday at lunchtime it’s all happening in the Ulumbarra Plaza with international dishes prepared by EAL VCAL students. This is always an amazing feast for the senses not to be missed!

Friday is Harmony Day, with lunchtime activities in the plaza including live music, free food and inclusive activities.

Cultural Diversity Week is all about participating and feeling how good it is to join in and ‘do stuff’ alongside others you may not have met before.

See you next week!