A huge thanks to the members of our college and wider communities who contributed to our Big Give campaign for the BSSC Kitchen Challenge.

Your support will help a group of up to 15 students build their confidence and life skills, and could transform their future life directions. Thank you!

“Food has an amazing power to change lives and encourage people to do be their best,” says internationally acclaimed chef Rob Rees, and BSSC is very lucky to have secured Rob to run our Kitchen Challenge over a period of eight weeks, in 2017.

Rob has actively campaigned on education, public health and consumer issues for many years. Alongside Jamie Oliver he has been the driving force for improvements in school food as Chairman of the Childrens Food Trust.

Rob’s BSSC Kitchen Challenge will

  • Improve access to and choices of good wholesome food for young Bendigonians and their families
  • Empower more young people with challenges in their lives into meaningful pathways for education and employment
  • Motivate young people to take part in cooking and see its benefits to better wealth, health and knowledge
  • Connect young people to their communities through local food producers, restaurants and charitable food organisations.

A group of students from varied social and ethnic backgrounds will be chosen to work alongside current VET Hospitality students to create a truly inclusive Kitchen Challenge.

The Kitchen Challenge will culminate with students preparing a formal sit-down dinner for well-known chefs from the Bendigo restaurant scene and invited guests, including some who supported our fundraising campaign – that could be you!