The entire BSSC community wish all students the very best for their upcoming exams. Unit four VCAA written exams commence 1 November, and Year 11 exams 13 November.

Please consider….

As part of your preparation, remember that knowing your topic is essential but managing exams also requires organisation and attention to details:

Are you fully aware of the exam rules and regulations?

Do you know the date, time, room and seat for all your exams?

How will you make sure to take your VCAA number and photo ID with you to every exam? How will you make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes before the starting time of each exam?


Read carefully through your VCE Exams Navigator 2017. It contains vital information as well as the VCE examination timetable for 2017. If you have mislaid your copy, go to: VCE Exams Navigator 2017 (pdf – 814.25kb)


A few more suggestions…..


If you fall ill before an exam you must contact your Learning and Engagement Coordinator IMMEDIATELY.  If you become ill during the exam, let the exam supervisor know and see your coordinator straight after the exam. 

Always come to the exam unless you have a doctor’s certificate which specifically says you must not sit the exam. You cannot reschedule a Unit 4 VCAA exam.

The wellbeing team is available to help if you require extra support during the exam period—if you already know this, go and see them now.


Year 11 exams:

Unit two exam timetable will be provided in Advisor meetings once finalised.

Year 11 students must reschedule their Unit 2 exam if they have a clash with a Unit 4 exam.