Twenty years ago Bendigo’s streets had few non-Anglo faces in the crowds. These days not only is the whole city a tribute to multi-culturalism, but BSSC is actively enhancing positive international relations through its student exchange programs, fee-paying options for international students and sister-school connections across the globe.

Last Monday morning in a ceremony in the Ulumbarra foyer, Mayor of Bendigo, Margaret O’Rourke, officially welcomed BSSC’s newest international students: 10 German students and their teacher, 22 Chinese students, 19 Indonesian students and teachers, four Karen students and an Italian exchange student.

BSSC language students reinforced this welcome in Chinese, Indonesian, German and Karen. Following this the audience enjoyed some wonderful music and dance performances from our International visitors, and BSSC’s own highly-talented music/vocal student, Madi Tyzzer delighted all with the National Anthem and the BSSC school song.

BSSC looks forward to offering enriching experiences to our visitors as they, in return, open all our eyes to the wider world.