Headstart is running new mental health webinars for parents on supporting young people.

Given the challenges we have all faced over the past 18 months the more we can spread the message about supporting our young people with their mental health the better for our community.

Both these webinars are free—click on the link to purchase a ticket.


Monday 29th November at 7:00pm

Connecting and Communicating with your young person (60 minutes in length)

This session focuses on the Notice and Inquire aspect of the conversational model.

It looks at how parents need to be aware and notice changes in emotions, thoughts, actions and behaviours.

It covers how to better connect and communicate with young people and introduces skills to improve and assist that communication.


Monday 6th December at 7:00pm           

 Accessing mental health support services. Who, how and where? (60 minutes in length).

This session is about the wide range of support services that exist in the community.

It focuses on support services that are free and accessible, including online services.

The hope is that this webinar will provide parents with a variety of support options to access help for their young person.