The Bendigo Education Plan (BEP) was developed in 2005 in response to a request from the then Minister for Education and Training, Lynne Kosky. The plan sought to develop an educational vision for Bendigo schools to transform student learning, wellbeing and engagement by providing seamless transitions and pathways and an education environment that would be “innovative, responsive and dynamic”.

With the 2028 BEP now ‘on the table’ part of the process is an evaluation of the 2005 plan. How well has it worked? What still needs to change?

Parents and students are invited to register to participate in workshops where their feedback will be used to help evaluate the effectiveness of the original plan. Questions including: “Have you observed changes in approaches at your school since 2005?’ will be asked of parents. Students will be considering questions such as: ‘Does your school offer subjects that you like to study?’ and ‘What do you think could be done to improve the school for the next generation of students?’

This feedback will inform the educational objectives for the next ten years for Bendigo schools.

The 2005 plan was focused on advancing six key student learning outcomes:

  1. That there is a substantial improvement in student retention from years 7 to 12 to meet Government targets;
  2. That there are a significantly increased range of subjects and courses available to Year 9 and 10 students;
  3. That strategies are developed and implemented to significantly improve attendance, particularly for students in Years 7-10;
  4. That all students, particularly high achieving students, are challenged further in their studies;
  5. That strategies are developed to improve the engagement of students and their interest in subjects, p
    [particularly for average and low achieving students and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds; and
  6. That strategies are developed to improve the knowledge and practice of highly effective teaching to improve academic outcomes, classroom management, discipline, and wellbeing of students.

The 2028 BEP will seek to further improve the quality and access to education for the whole Bendigo region—and this is your opportunity to be part of this important process.


If you are available to participate in a workshop please register via the link on Compass or email Jo Peterson: