Bendigo Senior Secondary College is a place where all students and staff are included and valued… harassment and discrimination have no place.

Don’t miss this opportunity to train as an Inclusion Ambassador.

Wednesday 27th February in the BSSC Conference Room—9am to 1pm—lunch will be provided.

The training day will allow you to learn more about how to best support students with a disability or medical condition, students from a refugee background, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, International and LGBTI students.

If you would like to attend please email


Role description:

The BSSC Inclusion Ambassador program has been established to help promote and celebrate the diversity within BSSC and to allow our community to better understand the experiences students and staff have in their everyday lives.

Students who have been trained as Inclusion Ambassadors will:

  • Be informed about and sensitive towards people with disabilities, people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds and people with intersex variations, diverse sexualities and gender backgrounds.
  • Promote advocacy for diversity and a culture of inclusiveness within the college and broader community.
  • Increase knowledge of the diverse backgrounds within BSSC and empower other students to advocate inclusive behaviours.
  • Role model inclusive behaviours and sensitively challenge discriminatory views and opinions.
  • Value and celebrate the diversity at BSSC by supporting BSSC events such as Cultural Diversity Week, Wellbeing Week and Respectful Relationships Day.
  • Work closely with other BSSC Inclusion Ambassadors.
  • Support partnerships with community organisations.
  • Communicate with and be a voice for the many diverse groups within the BSSC community.
  • Always maintain professionalism and clear boundaries in interactions with staff and students.

At the conclusion of the training students can decide if they wish to become a BSSC Inclusion Ambassador.