Year 11 Business students began a two-year journey into the world of business and banking recently, when the Commonwealth Bank’s ‘Partner a Class’ program kicked off at BSSC.It’s the first time the successful program has come to Bendigo, with students having the opportunity to draw on the expertise of the Commonwealth Bank in their own classroom.

Teacher, Matt Kellow, said the program is as much about life skills as it is about business and finance.

“It gives the students a real insight into the industry,” he said. “I know we’ll see them become more confident speakers and more equipped for the workforce.”

Students had a crash course in empire-building, when they were given 15 minutes to design and build a tower on a budget (each team had a CEO & CFO), with just drinking straws, spaghetti, 10 centimetres of sticky tape and 10 centimetres of string. It called for teamwork, financial management and critical thinking skills.

The bank’s Director of Market Positioning and Engagement (Asset Finance), Andrew Roberts, said the program is about providing the students with real business world experiences within a learning environment.
“It gives the students the opportunity to put into practice the theories and principles they learn and receive coaching as they progress,” he said.