Much-admired art teacher, Margaret Standen, was greatly missed after she retired from BSSC. Her untimely death in 2017 was a tragic loss, not only for her family, but for the many staff and students who were inspired by her.

Her husband, Peter, generously established a bursary in her honour, and all Year 12 students studying Studio Arts, or Arts General, at BSSC are eligible to apply for the Margaret Standen Bursary.

This year the bursary has been shared between eleven students:  Vanessa Campi, Charlie Clark, Moroni Coomber, Sharlee Dunolly-Lee, Wee Tha Sue, Fergus Smith, Brooke Tecklenberg, Evie Woodgrove, Bek Morris, Emily Gower and Natalie Davies Noulton.

Art teacher, Helen Attrill, acknowledged the importance of the bursary.

“Visual Art students at BSSC are so fortunate because there are a number of awards set up to support their pursuit of particular areas of interest,” she said. “The bursary is a fitting tribute to the fantastic work Margaret did here and allows students to purchase materials that enhance their art practice.”