A group of talented BSSC Visual Art students were recognised today for their striking designs that graced the covers of important college publications.

Assistant Principal, Kylie Hand, expressed her awe of the skilled students.

“One of the things that makes me so proud is to see the way students step up, often out of their comfort zone, to put their work out there for others to see,” she said.

“It always amazes me; the level of talent we have here in the college.”

These awards are generously supported each year by Bendigo printing company, Bart ‘n’ Print.

Mark, on behalf of Bart n Print team, was thrilled to come along to present the awards to Tom Belleggia (Parent Handbook), Charlotte-Rose Lynch (Awards Booklet), Fresa Caragatan (Old Gold Magazine) and Ehsan Khodadadi (Program and Subject Selection guide), who was absent today.

Congratulations to all four students whose designs will live on as part of BSSC’s recorded history.