Andy Jones’ Art Fashion class experienced an inspiring workshop on Friday, when representatives from the Golden Art Space at SCOPE Bendigo shared their expertise in resin jewellery making.

Artist and facilitator Heidi Daschil, and SCOPE artist Marney Lamb visited the college as part of the Golden Art Space Schools Program that sees artists getting out into the community to share their passion for creativity.

Marney has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, but it doesn’t stop her and other participants at the Golden Art Space from exploring their creativity and creating stunning art pieces.

“The focus is on sharing skill, not disability,” Heidi said. “It’s about people of all ages, stages and abilities coming together to share ideas and make art.”

Led by Heidi and Marney, students used a range of materials to create backgrounds for a resin pendant – everything from tiny stones, shells, flowers and paper fragments, to photographs, drawings, wire and even slithers of almond.

They then learnt how to mix and pour the resin creating some really stunning pieces.

Marney’s enthusiasm for art is both infectious and inspiring.

“The process of making art can sometimes be really hard for the SCOPE participants,” she said. “But we all love the involvement.”

Both Heidi and Marney are former BSSC students and we thank them for sharing their passion and expertise.