BSSC’s Year 11 and Year 12 Assemblies were held this morning in Ulumbarra Theatre.

Staff warmly welcomed our new Year 11 students and shared vital information, equipping them to make the most of their time here at BSSC.

All students were encouraged to take up the myriad opportunities connected to both their studies and the extra-curricular activities our college has on offer.

It was not all information-sharing however. A short but impactful video using jelly beans (yes, jelly beans!) demonstrated that Year 11 students will only spend 150 days at the college this year. Year 12 students will have even fewer days.

Students were reminded that VCE is a marathon, not a sprint—so every step from here on counts towards the future.

Each assembly enjoyed a performance from BSSC music students’ band, ‘Two Steps Forward’ who got everyone clapping along to ‘Life is a Highway’.