Year 12 students heard two very different stories of success this afternoon, but with a common theme.

Doctor Skye Kinder, and Street Artist/Graphic Designer, Reece Hendy, might have travelled very different pathways, but both have sought out opportunities to follow their passions.

Despite being knocked back twice to study medicine, Dr Kinder studied Biomedical Science and sought out several opportunities to study and research overseas, including a project with Harvard University in Japan and an internship in Pennsylvania.

“By the third time I applied, I’d done enough ‘interesting’ things to be considered a valuable medical student,” Dr Kinder said. “You rarely get from A to B without lots of things in between.”

In Reece Hendy’s case, it took several jobs, including an unsuccessful stint as a business owner, to find out where his real strengths lay.

“I know now that whatever I do, it has to be creative,” he said. “You can’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. You have to follow your own path and the things that really interest you.”

Dr Kinder agreed.

“People will always have their own expectations of you,” she said, “but you can fly in the face of that. Your ATAR doesn’t have to define you… there are many ways to get to where you want to be if you keep looking for opportunities.”

The college thanks Skye and Reece for generously giving their time and sharing their inspiring stories.