BSSC’s Art students have had the opportunity to hear from some great guest speakers this year, including past students who have moved on to tertiary study.

On Monday, BSSC Alumni Edwina Coombe spoke to students about her transition to studying Art at university, the work she is doing at La Trobe as a ceramicist, her inspirations as an artist, and her plans to travel to Indonesia and Japan as an intern and exchange student.

Edwina also introduced students to her other great passion, origami, in a fast-paced workshop.

“Origami is a great way of thinking about form,” Edwina said. “It can give you great ideas for working with clay.”

Edwina’s ceramic works include fragments of pots with cracks and broken edges, reminiscent of archaeological pieces, and body parts such as hands, fingers and facial fragments.

“I love how each piece is like an experiment that leads on to something else,” she told students. “That process of experimenting and refining is an important part of any artform.”