Maddy Fraser is currently studying her third year of Fine Arts at Monash University. She completed VCE at BSSC in 2016 and today she was back in familiar territory on the BSSC Arts floor talking to   students about her experiences and achievements—and offering some fantastic advice.

“I worked very hard in Year 11 and 12 and it really paid off,” Maddy said. “I learnt the value of applying myself and I still use skills I gained here almost every day.”

Maddy urged students to grab every opportunity and showed examples from her VCE folio.

“The design I submitted for BSSC’s Student Handbook in 2016 is now a valuable part of my resume.”

She identified research, design processes and detailed annotating as vital habits to develop. Leaving everything to the last minute was definitely a recipe for stress and disaster.

“Pick projects you are passionate about—something you are happy to stay with over a long period—and tailor the design brief to suit your strengths and interests,” she said.

Adding to both her experiences and her resume, Maddy was a successful applicant for a job at Monash as a Design Assistant.

“It was an interesting interview. They gave me a tablet and a brief and 15 minutes to come up with a promotion,” she said. “This is a great example of an opportunity I was able to grab.

“I also spent second semester last year in Italy and along with other Fine Arts students, put on an exhibition in a small Tuscan town. It was such a great experience.”

Today’s encounter reminded these students how positive study habits and a ‘have a go’ attitude can take them far. Thanks Maddy!

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