The Year 2 Allied Health students were fortunate to experience the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Med-E-Sim program on Thursday.

They experienced practical workshops including IV cannulation, Nasogastric tube insertion, diagnostic problem solving of deteriorating patients and basic life support. This was an outstanding opportunity for students to demonstrate their high level knowledge of anatomy and physiology and put some of their newly learned clinical skills into practice.

The afternoon included a plenary session where students had open conversations with medical and nursing staff ranging from medical students, interns and registrars, nurses all the way up to Senior Clinicians in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine, and specialist doctors.

Medical staff gave the students plenty of tips and hints for getting through the dense study they are currently undertaking and is ahead of them, but also gave important advice about careers in this pathway.

What was most resounding to students was the comment: “Don’t feel too much pressure to make decisions for your future today, it is an impossible task given this is for your future self. There is no wrong decision, except the decision to do nothing.”

Following this the students were treated to a tour and immersion in the Emergency Department and ICU where they experienced life in these wards. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and found invaluable context to their learning that will continue to support their journey through Year 12 into the health care industry.