Today, second-year VET Allied Health students were treated to a two-hour webinar with the Royal Melbourne Hospital as part of the annual Med-E-Sim program—an opportunity to hear from a wide range of health and medical professionals including an ICU nurse, Anaesthetic Consultant doctor, Infection Prevention and Control Nurse, Physiotherapist, Clinical Nurse Educator and four medical students.

The information provided was invaluable, including advice on career pathways, dealing with stressful situations and self-care when working in life and death situations.

Wendell Zhang, one of the medical students had some great advice for our Year 12s pursuing a university level career in health or medicine.

“The university pathway to your future career is like climbing a mountain,” he said. “At the moment, you’re at the base of the mountain about to climb. You need to think of your ATAR as the hiking gear.

“If you get a great ATAR, it’s like having a really great set of hiking books and equipment, but without the motivation and determination to climb you’re not going to get to the top of the mountain. If you don’t get a great ATAR, that’s okay, it just might mean you need to start out your climb in a pair of Crocs meaning the climb takes a little longer. However, with motivation and hard work, you will still get there and trade in your Crocs along the way for some good boots.”

BSSC and the Allied Health team are extremely grateful for the support and continued relationship with the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the wonderful opportunities they continue to provide our students. We are particularly grateful for their adaptation of our regular excursion so students could still experience the program during COVID-19.

We are especially grateful to the amazing professionals at the cutting edge of their field for taking time out of their day to inspire our students to continue their journey into health and medicine.