Bendigo Senior was buzzing today as hundreds of prospective Year 11 students enjoyed orientation day.

‘Race around the college’ demystified the layout and locations of the various departments. Student photos meant one less interruption to the new year, and a series of IT sessions had everyone logged onto the college’s system—ready for a smooth start to VCE /VCAL.

Atil’s highlight was meeting new people and teachers, and Oki found everyone “so lovely” and asking for help “so easy”.

“I really liked the way we were split up so we could stay with friends from our 7 – 10 college,” said Macey and Trinity was relieved to discover the college “was not as scary” as she had thought it might have been.

Aliza loves the idea of not having to wear uniform while Angus was really happy to reconnect with a friend who had attended a different 7 – 10 college.

“I think it’s really good to already know my timetable for next year,” said Ollie and for Keely the highlight was discovering how supportive and approachable the teachers were. “And it’s just more fun,” added Angelique.

Lunchtime brought a complimentary BBQ in the Ulumbarra Plaza–and everyone starting to look very much at home in their new college.

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