House guitarist for ‘The Voice’, Michael Dolce, called tonight’s Musician of the Year performances “world class” and an appreciative audience at the Ulumbarra Foyer definitely agreed.

Nine of BSSC’s finest musicians vied for the coveted award in a show that was as varied as it was  brilliant. There were knock-out vocal performances and incredible soloists on electric bass, saxophone, trombone and guitar.

Guest judge, Michael Dolce, had the unenviable job of choosing a winner and found it so tough that he broke with tradition and named an extra honourable mention. This year’s award winners were:

Honourable Mentions: Jade Cuskelly, Kalo Davis and Jonah Zoch

Audience Choice Award: Tas Careedy

Musician of the Year: Sonnie Hannaford

Congratulations also to Hanley Rorke, Alana Jurisic-Hall, Ethan Teasdale and Elisha Field who all delivered wonderful performances.

And a big thank you to 2021 Musician of the Year, Tom Fleming, who entertained the audience while the deliberations took place.

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