“Everything you study at school will become useful at some point in your life,” according to research scientist, Sara Al Rawi, who graduated from BSSC in 2003.

As Year 12 students head off for their mid-year break, they are exactly at the halfway point—having already conquered 139 days of VCE or VCAL or VET. But if you need some rocket fuel for your intellectual potential or inspiration to kick start the second half of the year, check out these great quotes from our alumni and alumna….

“Chance favours the prepared mind.”                                                                                     Ruth Williams 1972

“The environment at BSSC really worked for me…The staff at the college treat you like an adult and put a lot of trust in you. You realise very quickly that you need to be self-reliant and take control of your studies.”                                                                                                                                     Zac Sheehan 2015

“BSSC gave us a fantastic opportunity to start finding our feet and taking responsibility for ourselves.  I found this had a huge impact at university, where a lot of students can feel a bit lost…At BSSC we were already used to a good degree of self-directed learning. The school completely embraced and fostered the ambitions that we had at the time, and this kick-started everything afterwards. Do things you’re passionate about, but know that the world will make some things harder than others, so be prepared to dig in to make it work.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!”                                                                                                                                  Lyndall Grant 1997

“There’s no doubt I grew as a person at BSSC. Now, I won’t lie, high school sucked for me. Red hair isn’t popular. But Bendigo Senior felt more like a community – everyone was pretty chill with each other. If I was to give one piece of advice, it would be: say hi to the stranger next to you in class. They may just give you a whole new perspective on life.”                                      Joel Nicholson 2009

“I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was in Year 11. I was sitting in class one day learning about certain struggles people face in our community and I just knew I had to do more to help. Nursing seemed to fit with everything I wanted. So take every opportunity BSSC gives you. Embrace it with an open mind and enjoy it. The two years are short, but the impact and knowledge you will gain from BSSC is something you will have for life. Most of all, do something nice for someone. A little goes a long way.”                                                                                                                    Ebony Clarke, 2013

Be prepared to work hard but always remember to take time out. My marks might not have been as good as others, but I put a lot of effort into my part-time work which was a major contributor to my finding employment after Year 12. Don’t be hard on yourself, but if you’re not willing to put in the effort you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.                                                                       Sue Turpie 1992

A dozen years ago, when I first pulled on a tie and walked into work at the Australian Stock Exchange, I knew I was different

[because] I quickly realised the game was crooked. I also realised that most ‘advisors’ were posers who didn’t have two bob to rub together. They made their money from leaching commissions and kickbacks from their clients. I come from a working-class family, and that’s why I never really fitted in with the flash finance crowd. But standing out and standing up for something turned out to be a very good thing indeed.”                                                                 Scott Pape 1996.