Technology Studies contributes to creating confident and unique problem solvers and project managers well equipped to deal with the multi-disciplinary nature of modern workplaces.

Technology Studies leads into various tertiary opportunities at university, TAFE apprenticeships and traineeships. We offer three main study designs Product Design and Technology, Food Studies and Systems Engineering. These subjects are designed to extend knowledge of the environment in which we live.

Product Design & Technology

Product Design & Technology can be studied in one of three foci: Competition Vehicles, Metals or Wood. All are based on developing knowledge of materials and production processes. Students will design and make products using different materials to solve problems. Product design is part of people’s responses to changing needs to improve quality of life by designing and creating products.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering provides an opportunity for students to develop capabilities in, and knowledge about, the design, operation, construction, assembly, maintenance, diagnosis, repair and evaluation of technological systems. These are applicable to a diverse range of fields such as engineering, manufacturing, automation, control technologies, mechatronics, electrotechnology, robotics, and energy management. Students gain awareness and understanding of the interactions of these systems with human society and natural ecosystems.

Food Studies

Food Studies focuses on the importance of food in our daily lives from both a theoretical and practical point of view. The study enables students to apply their theoretical understanding of the relationship between food and technology as they develop skills in food preparation.

There are also a range of relevant VET subjects in Technology.