Science extends our understanding of the world in which we live. Science at BSSC involves Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology.


The study of living organisms and life processes from the cell to the biosphere. It includes fields of cell and molecular biology, behaviour, biochemistry, neuroscience, genetics and biotechnology.


The study of the properties and interaction of substances that make up matter. Most processes from the formation of molecules in outer space to the complex biological interactions occurring in cells can be described by theories.

Environmental Science

The study of the diversity of natural ecosystems and the impact of human activities. Studying Environmental Science enables you to develop skills in practical scientific investigations, environmental fieldwork techniques, report writing, research and analysis.


A science which contributes to our understanding of the laws of nature from the smallest scale of the atomic nucleus to the largest scale of the entire Universe.


Aims to describe, explain, and predict thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Through the use of scientific research methods students are able to develop skills in analytical and critical thinking.

There are also a range of relevant VET subjects in Science.