Performing Arts allows students to develop their creative skills and express ideas through a variety of performing arts mediums.


Drama is about imagining, creating and performing ideas through dramatic expression.


Dance focuses on the development of technical and physical skills, personal movement vocabulary, and application of choreographic and analytical principles.


Media will suit anyone who ‘consumes’ films, ads, magazines, music, social media and other internet-based texts. Students both study and make media in your preferred format.

Music Performance

Music Performance is open to anyone who has completed three years or more tuition on any musical instrument.

Music Style and Composition

Music Style and Composition is for students who might like to study and research about pieces of music in a wide range of styles and then use what they have learnt to compose their own pieces.

Music Investigation

Music Investigation can only be completed by students who are studying Music Performance – unit 3 and 4 or have already completed these units. This subject allows students to look at an area of music that they are highly passionate about in great depth.

Theatre Studies

Theatre Studies focuses on developing acting skills and how to take a script and translate it into a production by applying a range of stage craft techniques. There are also a range of VET studies in Performing Arts.