Mathematics is a universal skill used by all people in everyday life. Mathematics provides us with a means of symbolic communication that is powerful, logical, concise and unambiguous.

A wide range of Mathematics subjects are available to meet the needs of all students. The Maths and Science Specialist Program is available for our most talented students.

Mathematics: Foundation Units 1-2

For students who need mathematical skills in VCAL or other VCE subjects including VET. It does not provide a pathway into Unit 3 and 4 studies in Mathematics.

Mathematics: General Units 1-2

For students who do not have a strong background in Mathematics but need it to support career requirements. It provides a pathway into Further Mathematics Units 3-4. It is recommended that students achieve good maths results in year 10.

Mathematics: Methods Units 1-4

This subject provides a background for further study in, for example, science, humanities, economics or medicine. Units 1-2 are intended as preparation for Units 3-4.

Students who have undertaken Mathematical Methods Units 1-2 in year 10 and would like to complete Units 3-4 in year 11 are advised to discuss this with a Student Engagement Coordinator and complete an expression of interest.

Mathematics: Specialist Units 1-4

This is a partner subject with Mathematical Methods Units 1-4. This provides students with the widest choice of Mathematical courses and satisfies any tertiary entrance requirements for mathematics. Material is covered in great depth and promoted better understanding. Strong maths skills are required in year 10.

Mathematics: Further Units 3-4

This subject provides general preparation for employment or further study, in particular, where data analysis is important. It has a heavy emphasis on the study of statistics. It can be taken on its own or with Maths Methods CAS Units 3 -4.