We explore the past and examine the present to prepare for the future. The Humanities Learning Area celebrates and promotes many rich national, international, intercultural experiences.

The Humanities Learning Area includes a range of diverse subjects. (Unit 3&4)

Classical Studies

Assists students to understand the universality of human experience and the origin of the culture that now defines the Western World.

Extended Investigation

Students design, investigate and present a research project that is based on their own specialised interests and develop the skills of critical thinking. Watch Video


The study of natural and man-made environments and phenomena.


In Unit 1 we offer Ancient History,  Twentieth Century History and Global Empires. At Unit 3&4 level we offer Ancient History, Australian History and History of Revolutions.


Our Politics subjects encourage students to understand and reflect on contemporary national and international political issue and events.


Provides students to explore some powerful ideas that have shaped our culture.


Explores cultural diversity, human behaviour and social structures.