While English is compulsory in the VCE, the college aims to provide the maximum choice to students regarding the specific English they select in their VCE program.

The college offers a range of VCE English Subjects: English, EAL, English Language and Literature. Students are encouraged to choose the English best suited to their interests, strengths and aspirations.

All of the VCE English subjects develop the fundamental literacy skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.


English aims to develop student’s critical understanding and mastery of the English Language and to help them communicate in a wide range of social context.


English Advanced is General English but is designed to cater for students who are adept in reading and analysing texts, writing creatively and have an interest in how language is used in texts that present a point of view on an issue currently debated in the media. The texts studied are selected to challenge students to examine social/historical context in depth and will require close deconstruction and analysis.


English Essentials is General English that has been constructed to cater for students who have experienced difficulties with English throughout their secondary schooling. This course is framed in an alternative way to General English, with a greater focus on building foundational literacy skills. A greater emphasis is placed on comprehension and studying characters, settings events, ideas, issues and themes of texts studied.

English Language

This subject explores the underlying structures of language (grammar), how language is acquired, the role of Context in shaping language use and the development and nature of Australian English.


This course focuses specifically on all aspects of the reading and response to texts. Genres covered include the novel, drama and poetry. Students are encouraged to explore the wider social context of what they read and study and to consider the different ways texts can be interpreted.