NETschool learners work with curriculum that meets their individual needs and interests via full-time or part-time programs, with the support from their learning mentor.

BSSC NETschool learners are able to undertake their VCE/VM/VET/VPC studies through enrolment at NETschool. Learners will receive curriculum support from teachers from Bendigo Senior Secondary College (BSSC) who regularly attend NETschool campus.  Often learners who are enrolled at NETschool have not attended mainstream schooling for many years or have had significant interruptions to their education. These learners often need a great deal of support to re-engage with their education pathway.  

Additional Activities and Opportunities

NETschool provides learners with a range of additional activities for to encourage engagement and participation. Learners commit to participating in a range of indoor and outdoor activities so they can socialise and begin to re-connect with a group in an educational setting.  Activities may include short excursions to nearby locations/attractions, bowling or gallery visits, or activities inside NETschool such as podcasting, art sessions and other creative projects. 

NETschool supports learners to explore and develop their individual expression through music and art sessions at NETschool, and and by participating in public performances and exhibitions as opportunities arise. NETschool has a selection of acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and drums.

DrumBeat is a program that helps learners to actively listen and enhance total brain function through group practice on African Djembe drums. Each year learners present musical performances at various locations in Bendigo, and showcase their accomplishments through an annual NETschool exhibition, as well as participating in other public exhibition opportunities.