There’s no denying that the big-ticket item at this year’s VCAL Market Day was the NETschool stall, selling an amazing range of jewellery, fabric bags, and scrunchies.

Today the success of NETschool’s fundraising was on show when students and staff handed over a giant, $1329 cheque to Bridget Bentley from Bendigo Foodshare.

Students explained to Bridget the process behind each of the products and their goal to create work of a “professional business standard”.

NETschool Learner, Bliss Priest-Young, said they chose Bendigo Foodshare as the recipient of the funds as times are so tough for people right now.

“We know there are lots of BSSC students who struggle,” she said, “and so many people who are doing it hard because of the floods.”

Bridget explained the many expenses associated with running Foodshare, such as wages, energy bills and keeping vehicles on the road, and said the donation was timely.

“Foodshare is really busy at the moment sourcing and sending food to the flood-affected areas,” she said. “This money will be put to great use.”

Congratulations to all the NETschool learners and mentors who continue to expand their small business initiatives and fundraising capacity.