BSSC students have amazing opportunities for future pathways advice and career guidance.

Emma Mestitz and Naomi Flint are BSSC careers advisors with a special interest in guiding students to work out their best options for university, TAFE or other tertiary places.

“Part of that role,” Emma says, “is to offer advice on the prerequisite subject choices a particular career path may require.”

For Year 11 students who already have a future plan, today is good day to connect with Emma and Naomi and make sure you are giving yourself every opportunity for the future you want.

Year 12 students have a compulsory appointment with Emma or Naomi—but can drop in anytime.

However, many students are unsure about their future career.

“It’s okay not to know,” says Emma, “but it’s not okay to avoid doing research about what’s on offer–like checking out the careers tab on the college homepage.”

“Another part of our role is to reconnect students with the Morrisby Review. This is a series of ability tests that take note of interests, personality features, and assesses IQ and aptitude. It then makes career suggestions based on your profile.”

One student reflected on the value of the test:

I took the Morrisby test a while back, as I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do career-wise.
It suggested careers I hadn’t considered before, and got me thinking more about what I’m good at. It was also really interesting because the psychological aspect of the test told me things about myself I hadn’t realised.

Emma says she finds it very satisfying to talk with young people about their interests and aspirations.

“It’s great to share our knowledge with them because things are changing all the time.”

Naomi also supports students who get to the end of the year and find they haven’t achieved the ATAR or other results they’d hoped for.

“We’re all about, ‘how can we help you find the best pathway from here?’ There’s always a way through,” she says.

Another fabulous student support brought to you by BSSC!