Progression Learning is an option for teenage mothers and youth who can only attend the Centre once or twice each week.

Am I a Candidate for the Progression Learning Program?

Teenage mothers

NETschool provides a dedicated educational support program for teenage mums who are 15 to 19 years of age and are determined to attain their Senior School Certificate. The Mums program runs every Wednesday morning from 9AM to midday. Participants bring their baby (or toddlers) with them to the Centre where they can explore and have fun in our child-play area; but mums are responsible for feeding, nappy changing, and settling their own child(ren). Mentors and an Infant & Maternal Health worker from Bendigo Community Health Services assist our mums to network and make friends with their fellow mums. Mentors and teachers from Bendigo Senior Secondary College (BSSC) support mums to undertake Research-based Learning (RBL) or undertake formal units of study from the Victorian Certificate of Eduaction (VCE).

Mums who undertake units of study from the VCE are also welcome to attend the Centre at other times during the week for extra face-to-face support from their subject teacher. However, mums are encouraged to arrange a carer for their child(ren) on these occations so that other Learners are not unsettled by babies or energetic toddlers 🙂

I cannot leave Home more than once or maybe twice a week

Some young people are their disabled parent’s primary care giver, or they may suffer a physical or mental illness that prevents them from leaving their home more than once or twice a week…These Learners negotiate with their Mentor a day of the week and a time that they can prepare to come into the Centre. Success in the short term is simply learning to feel comfortable coming in to the Centre. Mentors work with these Learners over time to build the Learner’s capacity to:

  • Feel safe and accepted at NETschool and be able to attend the Centre for incrementally longer periods of time
  • Develop confidence to do RBL, experience success at learning, and become study-fit
  • Develop the capacity to undertake one or more units of study from the VCE
  • With the above bullet points progressing well: come into the Centre for a second or third day (or part-of) each week
  • Finally, happily progress into a Centre-based Mentor group.

Progression Learning Teams

Progression Learners are encouraged to attend the Centre and participate in group activities with their Mentor and other Progression Learners who also work with the same Mentor. This is an important means of building the resilience to cope in a variety of social settings and to be able to increase contact hours/days at the Centre.

Progression Learners do not have individual work stations at the Centre, however, each Learner has access to a Notebook computer, iPads, and a variety of digital media devices.

Learners who choose to undertake one or more units of study from the VCE negotiate a suitable time to attend the Centre so they can have face-to-face meetings with their subject teacher. The teacher provides all study resources in hard copy and/or digital formats. When not attending the Centre, communication is maintained between the Learner his or her Mentor and subject teacher via a combination of email, Skype, voice calls and texting.