Relationships and learning confidence are developed by attending the Centre at NETschool Bendigo and being part of a team.

Because the NETschool program does not have ‘study-spares’ as do mainstream Senior Schools, Learners’ fulltime contact hours at the Centre fill four days each week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. The fifth day, Wednesday, is an opportunity for Learners to:

  • Undertake work placements, volunteering, or employment
  • Undertake Vocational Education & Training (VET) study
  • Attend to physical and/or mental health appointments with a GP, Psychologist, etc.
  • Attend appoints with Government Services as required, e.g. CentreLink, DHS, etc.
  • Attend to personal wellbeing – gym fitness session, yoga class, etc.

Learning Teams

Centre-based Learners are members of a team of 10 Learners lead by their Mentor (teacher). Every Learner in a Mentor group (learning team) has his or her own work station comprising a desk, ergonomic chair and desk-top computer. Learners also have access to Notebook computers, iPads, and a range of digital media equipment. Each Mentor group also has access to a large communal space for team-based learning activities or individual activities that require more space.

Mentors provide individualised support to each Learner in their group to:

  • Create his or her Personal Learning Plan (PLP) – personal and educational short term, mid term and long term goals.
  • Develop trust in one’s self, in others, and to be trusted by others.
  • Feel safe, listened to, and valued by the learning team and NETschool community.
  • Have fun and enjoy participating in the NETschool program.
  • Develop his or her relational skills and resilience so that he or she can enjoy participating in a broad range of team-based activities and, in time, work placements and mainstream educational settings.
  • Undertake a Research-based Learning (RBL) project; thereby foster every Learner’s readiness to learn, learning confidence, and self-belief.
  • Access and succeed in undertaking formal units of study from the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) or the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).
  • Develop the necessary learning skills, self-confidence, and resilience to happily and sustainably move forward from the NETschool program to participate in further study, training or skilled employment!


Motivational Outside Values Experiences is NETschool’s Personal Development program. MOVE is designed to assist each Learner to develop his or her capacity to overcome the obstacles that blocked his or her success in mainstream schooling. Learners strive to develop their self-esteem, confidence, team work, motivation, set and achieve goals, take ownership of their behaviour and practice conflict resolution skills…thereby, Learners become empowered to move forward and live happy lives.

MOVE is a compulsory endeavour for all Centre-based Learners. Some examples of MOVE activities are: trust and team building, community service, sport and outdoor activities, career pathways, and exploring life choices and consequences.

Re-engaging in mainstream education

Mentors support Learners who participate successfully in face-to-face lessons at NETschool to experience learning at Bendigo Senior Secondary College (BSSC). BSSC is five minute’s walk from the Centre through Rosalind Park. Learners first meet the teacher and may simply visit the class with their Mentor or a fellow Learner who is already attending the class at BSSC. Learners who attend one or more classes at BSSC simply return to the Centre once the lesson at BSSC has finished.

Attending one or more classes at BSSC is essential for Learners who want to undertake practical subjects such as Art, Chemistry, or Hospitality, etc. NETschool continues to support these Learners to develop resilience and learning confidence in other subjects such as English and Mathematics.

Learners are welcome to use the wide range of facilities and specialist support staff of Bendigo Senior Secondary College.