We believe in TRUST, OPTIMISM and COMMITMENT and we apply these values to everthing we do.

NETschool Bendigo provides flexible learning options for young people from the Greater Bendigo Region who have formed the belief that they cannot succeed in mainstream schooling, but want to achieve their Senior School Certificate.

At NETschool we work to re-engage young people in education who have already opted out of school, or who are at high risk of leaving school before completing Year 12. We strive to:

    • Build relationships first! We seek to support each Learner’s wellbeing so he or she feels safe, valued and listened to, before we…
    • Build learning confidence and get study-fit, then…

Provide access to opportunities to learn informally through Research-based Learning (RBL) or via access to formal units of study from the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) or the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

  • Finally, we support each Learner’s move onto mainstream education, skilled employment, or further training.


NETschool encourages group participation because success in life flows from successful relationships. Making and maintaining healthy (needs satisfying) relationships is a skill that can be learned and developed with the support of Mentors at NETschool.

We are a Restorative Practice school that applies Choice Theory Psychology and Reality Therapy to support our Learners to take more effective control over their own behaviour and to make good choices in satisfying their own needs.

NETschool is a small facility that provides a calm, fun, safe and positive learning culture. NETschool is a second campus of Bendigo Senior Secondary College, located at 26 Williamson Street, Bendigo.