BSSC Student Leadership Team is a really exciting group to be involved in – the Student Leadership Team aims to represent the views and interests of the whole student body. We send members to meetings of college committees (such as College Leadership Team and Education Committee) so that student opinions can be heard.

We represent the college at official ceremonies, such as the ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies. We attend conferences about leadership, team building and other skills. We are involved in whole-college events, such as assemblies and open days. We help to organise the college merchandise, such as BSSC Hoodies and we support the College Breakfast Program.

The Student Leadership Team develops and assists with a range of activities and fundraisers with the wider college community. Events such as; World Vision 40 hour famine, Relay for Life, Biggest Morning Tea, International dinners, Harmony Day, Wellbeing week and a ‘Movie and Supper Night’ night at the Star Cinema to raise money for International organisations.

Anyone can join and students and self nominate at the beginning of each year. Students receive opportunities to develop their public speaking skills, leadership and teamwork skills, develop their academic CV’s and have lots of fun.

Student Leadership Team Members

Lucy Perry
Samantha Bramley
Maddison Shultz
Nellie Castro
Grace Oliver
Tom Floyd
Jennifer Herrera
Maria Miller
Georgia Pike
Alysha Handley
Emily Harper
Monica Davies
Caitlin Allman
Yasin Mojtahedin
Bethany Condick
Dinghao Huo
Billie Taylor
Whitney Eadon
Chloe Leehane
Sixiao Chen
Austin Colliver
Hattie Wedgwood
Brittney Hicks
Kathryn Northill
Oliver Franzen
Tom Bell
Ericha Smyth
Ryan Peterson