Bendigo Senior Secondary College participates in secondary school exchange programs subject to national, state and college conditions.

The aim of secondary student exchange programs is to:

  • enrich the educational experience of the student with development of language skills and introduction to different experiences including educational curriculum and philosophy as well as the environment and culture;
  • increase cultural awareness and understanding within the college community; and
  • promote international understanding and cooperation as part of developing global citizenship within the college.

A secondary student exchange program provides for attendance of students from Australia overseas and of overseas students in Australia under reciprocal arrangements. Attendance involves enrolment in a full time school program for a minimum period of time.

All student exchange programs are obliged to be conducted through registered exchange organisations. The college does not deal directly with exchange students. A list of registered organisations with website details for each is provided in the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority’s website.

Each application made to the college on behalf of an exchange student by an organisation for enrolment is considered individually.

For exchange students attending the college, the minimum period is one semester of study

Visa arrangements, health cover required for overseas students, reception, orientation, accommodation and other support is provided by the registered organisation. While providing the same support and pastoral care for exchange students as for Australian students, the college does not provide accommodation through host families or emergency management networks.

Exchange students are responsible for the costs of texts and other educational items as well as excursion costs.

The college’s involvement in the secondary school’s exchange programs has provided excellent outcomes for students and the college community over a long period.