The MIPS Job Board is updated regularly with vacancies and opportunities for full time work, apprenticeships, traineeships, part time and casual employment and courses.

Please visit the links on the page for our current vacancies. We regularly are contacted by employers and training providers with vacancies and opportunities. Our vacancies are also posted in the Student News and on our noticeboard outside our office in G17.

We have:

We’d also love to hear from parents and community members who might have opportunities for us to advertise.


Responsible Service of Alcohol Course (RSA)
Next course is 29th of June.

Please note that if you are completing Year 12 and using your school email address on your resume to employers, that YOUR BSSC EMAIL ADDRESS (and any other access to college systems) WILL BE DELETED ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – DECEMBER 22ND 2017. Please make arrangements to use a private email address. To keep up to date with MIPs and job opportunities as a past student, you can still access the MIPs Job Board and our Facebook page.