Student voice is important to the BSSC community and having student representation on the College Council is one of the ways student voices can be heard and have a say in the life of the college.

This year there are three representatives from the Student Leadership Team sitting on College Council, ensuring all college business can include a student perspectives.

Sam Graham, Jemma Pearce and Caleb Nancarrow attended their first council meeting recently and all found the experience both challenging and enjoyable.

“The meeting was quite long, but all the members of College Council are great people and amazing to be around,” Sam said. “I enjoyed getting an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.”

Jemma agreed it was a privilege to sit around the board table with members of the BSSC community and stressed the importance of student voice.

“It allows students to be actively involved in the decision making process,” she said. “It allows us to be active participants in our education and represent our peers in a really meaningful way.”